Ewing Moving & Storage, Inc. Is Making Summer Cool for Memphis Teens

(Memphis, TN)—Ewing Moving & Storage, Inc. began its 2015 summer employment program this month with 17 young men. Their ages range from 16 – 19 and each one is learning about the moving industry through an entry level mover position. The young men work Monday through Friday helping to relocate Ewing’s residential, commercial, and corporate clients. 
The summer employment program participants were selected from applicants at the Memphis District Laymen’s Job Fair held in April and young men who attend Progressive Baptist Church who expressed an interest in having a job. Charles L. Ewing, Sr. is the founder and CEO of the company and has hired youth to work for him since it began in 1980. However, this year he decided to do it on a larger scale than in previous years. He was partially motivated by the influx of negative youth activity brought to light by the local media. Ewing, Sr. also serves as the president of the Memphis District Laymen, a religious organization whose mission is to “Unify the men of the Memphis District Association in Christian brotherhood for the purpose of mentoring, evangelizing and nurturing young men, in order to strengthen our churches while helping our communities.”


“This summer employment program is Ewing Moving & Storage’s outreach ministry. We believe it is possible to minister through your business while providing quality service to your customers. This opportunity helps to keep our young men off the street and out of trouble while showing them how to earn money through a hard day’s work. It also allows them to be mentored by the honorable adult men we currently employ,” said Ewing. “We hope that when they leave our program they will be better people and more equipped for the workforce. We also want to be an example for other businesses and encourage them to employ youth as well.”
Christopher Stepney is a 16-year-old student at New Consortium for Law and Business High School and a participant in the summer employment program. He says he enjoys working for the company and ultimately hopes it will help him become an entrepreneur. “It has been a blessing because I’ve been wanting to work with Mr. Ewing for the longest time. He told me when I turned sixteen he would hire me and he did. I’ve learned how to pack materials, load, and unload items and how to properly use the equipment. I plan to own my own moving company one day and this is teaching me how.”
Summer is peak moving season, which gives the young men plenty of work to do. How to properly conduct a move is a skill they will find valuable as they further their own careers, change homes, and possibly cities. Ewing says working for the company also teaches the young men discipline, job skills, and how to look presentable in the work place. Their dress code mandates that all male employees pull up their pants, wear the brim of their hats forward and forego all earrings. The summer employment program will culminate in the fall when the majority of the participants return to high school.
This year marks Ewing Moving & Storage, Inc.’s 35th year in business and in August they will have a public celebration. For more information about Ewing Moving & Storage, Inc. visit www.ewingmovingservice.com.


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  • I'm ready to work already finished application. Lloyd Colbert 

  • Well, what took me so long! EWING is the best moving co. out there. As just regular people, not a big company, moving from one state to another, Ewing stepped right in and solved a problem such as price gauging, after we moved from NY to TN..Secured our furniture and delivered and put each      in our requested areas without a hitch. Not one item damaged.The movers were very professional. EWING is a 10+++ without a question. This was 15 years ago and we have'nt moved anything since . We just want to say Thank you and Bravo!!!!! To Ewing, a well deserved TRIBUTE .            

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